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Zenith Epigenetics Announces a Publication in the Journal of Cancer Gene Therapy with Compelling Data for the Treatment of ER-Positive Breast Cancer Patients

ZEN-3694 has therapeutic potential in combination with CDK4/6 inhibitors in patients with advanced ER+ breast cancer resistant to CDK4/6 inhibitors

CALGARY, Alberta, Aug. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zenith Capital Corp. (“Zenith” or the “Company”), a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the development of novel epigenetic combination therapies for the treatment of cancers, announces a publication in the high-impact Nature Publishing Group journal of Cancer Gene Therapy, titled: “Combination of ZEN-3694 with CDK4/6 inhibitors reverses acquired resistance to CDK4/6 inhibitors in ER-positive breast cancer.”

This important study highlights the potential for ZEN-3694 in combination with CDK4/6 inhibitors as a new therapeutic option for patients with advanced ER+ breast cancer who developed resistance to current therapies. The study shows that the combination can reverse acquired CDK4/6i resistance by targeting key oncogenic pathways involved in cell cycle regulation, cellular growth, proliferation, apoptosis, inflammation, and cellular immune response. Additionally, ZEN-3694 down-regulated markers involved in CDK4/6 inhibitor resistance including CDK6, CCND1, CDK4, MYC, ESR1 and others. Notably, the combination led to the synergistic increase of apoptosis and inhibition of proliferation in the resistant ER+ breast cancer models.

The publication can be viewed using the following LINK.

“This compelling data highlights the role of ZEN-3694 in the potential treatment of patients with advanced ER+ breast cancer, leading to the reversal of the acquired resistance to the current standard of care therapies,” said Donald McCaffrey, President and Chief Executive Officer of Zenith. “As there is a significant unmet need in this population, this study reveals the huge potential in this indication and rationale for a future clinical trial.”

About ER+ Breast Cancer

According to Cancer Statistics, 2021, Estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer (ER+) is a prevalent disease with over two million global new cases diagnosed in 2020. Approximately 70–80% of women diagnosed with breast cancer are ER+. The standard of care for metastatic ER+ breast cancer patients include selective estrogen receptor modulators, estrogen receptor degraders, aromatase inhibitors, as well as a combination of endocrine therapy with inhibitors of cyclin-dependent kinases (CDK4/6 inhibitors, CDK4/6i). Three approved CDK4/6 inhibitors (palbociclib, ribociclib, and abemaciclib) have been shown to significantly improve progression-free survival in combination with endocrine therapy for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer patients. Although significant advances have been made in treating metastatic ER+ breast cancer, resistance to therapies invariably occurs over time, making it essential to develop new therapies that address resistance.

About Zenith

Zenith Capital Corp. is a biotechnology investment company originally spun out of Resverlogix Corp. (TSX: RVX) in 2013. Zenith Epigenetics Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zenith Capital Corp., is a clinical stage biotechnology company focused on the discovery and development of novel therapeutics for the treatment of cancer and other disorders with significant unmet medical need. Zenith Epigenetics is developing various novel combinations of BET inhibitors with other targeted agents. The lead compound, ZEN-3694, is in clinical development for:

  1. mCRPC in combination with androgen receptor inhibitor, XTANDI, with Astellas and Newsoara as collaborators
  2. Triple Negative Breast Cancer in combination with the PARP inhibitor TALZENNA with Pfizer as a collaborator
  3. Androgen receptor independent mCRPC in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitor KEYTRUDA and XTANDI with University of California, San Francisco as a collaborator

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