About Zenith Epigenetics

Zenith Epigenetics is a clinical stage biotechnology company with a broad and deep drug discovery platform in epigenetics, developing orally active, small molecules that are selective for inhibition of BET bromodomains. This platform integrates structural biology, modeling, medicinal chemistry with biochemical and cell-based assays to discover potent compounds which are then further evaluated for desirable pharmaceutical properties, including oral bioavailability, and in animal models of disease. Through ongoing discovery activities we are continuing to secure intellectual property around novel compounds and their analogs.

Our lead product, a pan selective BET inhibitor, is in clinical development for treatment of solid tumors, including prostate cancer.

Our strong management team and organization allow us to efficiently and rapidly explore and progress these molecules from discovery to clinical development. Our research team, based in Calgary, Alberta, is well-positioned to take advantage of its broad and longstanding experience in epigenetics to become a leader in the discovery of selective BET inhibitors in both oncology and other indications. The development activities are led by our San Francisco based team, where a strong emphasis on translational medicine to drive patient pre-selection combined with a proven track record in drug development, will allow us to excel in the field of epigenetics.

Effective August 1, 2016, Zenith Epigenetics became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zenith Capital Corp., a biotechnology investment company and reporting issuer in all Provinces of Canada. In addition to holding all of the shares of Zenith Epigenetics, Zenith Capital holds all of the royalty preferred shares of Resverlogix Corp. Further information is available under SEDAR Filings